Senior Pictures in Portland - Jimmy Hickey

Why Chose Jimmy?

Its your lifestyle. Images should capture that. Jimmy's lifestye portraiture for seniors mix the traditional art of portraiture that parents trust, with the contemporary style that the 90's kids want. We will collaborate in order to create unique and memorable portraits. You will cherish these photos for a lifetime.

What is lifestyle portraiture?

Lifestyle portraiture is a series of images that have a relaxed mood, taken at different locations. This creates the opportunity to capture the true person within.

How do we accomplish that?

Most senior photographers in Portland have a specific park or studio that forces you to have almost identical photographs with other local seniors. However you are unique, and your senior pictures should be a reflection of that. You chose the location and we tackle it together. Love the forest? You got it. Is the roar of the river part of your personality? Lets meet at the sand! Are you mechanical? The industrial park it is. You make the call! All portrait sessions have their own unique locations, no shoot will ever entirely mirror another senior. Guaranteeing you unique senior photos that no other senior in Portland has.

What do you get?

It doesn't matter what package you buy. Each package is very generous in what we capture together. You will get a lot of photos, a plethora of poses, and a purposeful time to explore different backgrounds and locations.

What about sharing my senior photos with my friends via social media?

We live in a digital age. Sharing photos with family and friends via wallet sized prints is still around, and we offer it, but we know the easiest way to share images is now online. Most packages come with the option of unlimited download that are optimized for emailing or uploading to social sites such as Facebook, Tumbir, Twitter or Myspace and more. Most other photographers in Portland don't offer such things, or force you to purchase them individually. We think if you love 'em, you should share 'em!

Will we get along?

I am enthusiastic, ecstatic and electrified to be able to share those moments behind the camera with you. I remember what it was like to graduate. I recall the anticipation of people commenting about my photos. It was thrilling to have the attention. It is ingrained within me to make our session about you! I have the knowledge and know how behind the camera and the vision for creating a very fun experience for everyone involved in the image making process. And yes, parents and friends can come out and have some fun on the shoot too. Remember, its about your life and we want to include it all.

See the difference?

I care about the images I create. The larger portraits photographers in Portland have many shoots a day so it is easy to be lost in the mix of "business". The senior portrait session should be a special one. You deserve a five-star-fun experience. I provide that. I am excited to work with you to create some memorable senior photos.