Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my shoot?

Simply click on the "click here to book my session now" link, then chose a time and date that work best for your photoshoot. From there you can pay the deposit or full amount up front and you will receive a confirmation when your booking has been made.

How many photos will we take?

My usual shoot includes anywhere from 60-500 photos. Total quantity has to do with amount of locations and overall shooting time. In 8+ years of shooting we have never not had enough photos :)

When do I have to order my prints?

You may order them though your private gallery the day they are put in your private gallery or any time within 3 years of your shoot. If your package comes with downloads or a photo CD, you can make your prints whenever you want.

How do I get my yearbook photo?

Just tell me the photo you want to use for the yearbook photo as well as the requirements your school has for needed cropping etc. This takes about 1-3 days to turn around, so the sooner you can send those in, the better.

Can I download the photos?

Yes, all print packages come with downloads that can be shared on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The Carnation package & above come with downloads large enough to make prints with.

Do you edit your photos?

Yes, all photos are post processed to achieve their strongest photographic potential, while still preserving their original photographic. Special requests are welcome.

When will the photos be online?

Photos are usually posted in your private gallery within 3 days of the shoot.

I booked hair and makeup- How early should I show up?

We will confirm via email if you want to meet at the time of the shoot or earlier.

How do we chose locations?

You can provide us with the locations or chose from our long list of unique locations. Available locations vary daily, so it is best to chose on the day of the shoot.

Where do I change outfits at a location?

A portable changing tent is available, as well as a tinted car & bathroom when available.

Can parents come along on the shoot?

Yes, however it is highly recommended that just the senior & a friend come along. This generally creates a more relaxed shooting environment.

What if it rains on the day of my shoot?

We can either reschedule the shoot, shoot half on that day and reschedule the second half of the shoot, or shoot in the glorious Portland rain!

What payment method do you take?

Cash, Credit Card Check & Paypal

How long does it take to get prints?

1-2 weeks roughly

If you have any further questions, please send me an email and I will do my best to answer your request in a timely manner.